Other Training Services

The courses and workshops outlined at left are just a sample of what CCCID offers. As a training organisation we ave a range of programs and will design and deliver to your needs. Other programs include:

We also design and develop training activities and products for a range of situations. Cross Cultural Consultants works closely with clients to identify your needs and create the most relevant solution for your training requirements.

Some of the projects we have completed include:

  • Development of Assessment Criteria
  • Designing learning toolkits
  • Knowledge transfer for staff working on assessment and evaluation
  • Writing course materials
  • Writing on-the-job training materials
  • Writing distance learning modules and packages
  • Designing and Facilitating workshops on a range of topics
  • Assisting organisations to develop a training plan
  • Customised courses for specific sectors, industries and professional contexts eg. eye care, aquaculture, finance
  • Creating and Delivering Mentoring services to employees

Please contact us for detailed information and pricing or to discuss your ideas for specific training or learning services

*NEW *


A participatory program that is responsive to your needs. Designed to provide frameworks, tools and skills extension in the areas of:

  1. Understanding conflict,
  2. Cultural values and patterns in conflict,
  3. How to identify cross cultural signs of tension / misunderstanding,       and
  4. Best practice approaches to deal with intercultural conflict.

For further information contact us

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