CCCID's Approach to Training

CCCID focusses on transformative learning. We:

  • Work with partners so that training is appropriate
  • Design & deliver participatory, interactive programs;
  • Cater for learners with diverse perspectives;
  • Draw on people's experiences, strengths & needs;
  • Build relationships to sustain learning & development;
  • Respectfully aim to extend people's frameworks, networks and capacity - not just provide information;
  • Model a range of flexible and practical tools;
  • Use current research and best practice; and
  • Acknowledge the role of culture as central to the lives of individuals and communities.

We deliver public courses and in house training for clients.

Cross Cultural Consultants' training continuously improves through exchanging ideas between different sectors, communities and contexts.

Our range of participatory tools, activities, materials and approaches make learning dynamic, engaging and effective.


More information

Click on some of our courses listed on the left hand sidebar to learn more or contact us for detailed information and pricing. If you know which course you want to do, please download a registration form and send it in.

Testimonials about our training (more can be found here)

"An excellent blend of documented facts and anecdotes worked into practical tasks."

"The best course I’ve been on in my life. Essential for all Australians."

"Thank you for the wonderful training on the weekend. I’ve had great feedback from people about how much they learnt and enjoyed it. In particular ... the open, informative and gentle manner in which the material was delivered. Many people noted that they were surprised at how engaged they felt all weekend with the discussions, participatory approach and interesting material. Thanks again and I look forward to working with you again in the future."