About Us

Cross Cultural Consultants International Development (CCCID) provides services to clients working in complex cross cultural settings in International Development and Multicultural Affairs.

(For indigenous cross cultural training see our friends Cross Cultural Consultants NT)

With associates across Asia and the Pacific we support people to design, deliver, learn, evaluate and improve their effectiveness in International and Community Development.

We have expertise in a range of sectors including:

  • Governance;
  • Health;
  • Education;
  • Gender and Development;
  • Arts and Culture;
  • Rural Development
  • Environment and Resource Management; and
  • Sport and Recreation

We work with our partners and clients to improve their capacity to undertake development work in cross cultural settings.

Professional services include:

Some of our popular training programs include Working Well Overseas and Working Across Cultures as well as a dynamic one day Facilitation workshop. We also offer Mentoring, Coaching and Debriefing services, customised courses and facilitate organisational development and strategic planning activities.

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