Working Well Overseas

This two day course provides a framework for cross cultural development work in an international context. The course aims to develop the cross cultural competence of staff to work in-country on short or long-term assignments as well as program management roles.

With a specific focus on the international development sector Walking Well Overseas includes applied skills and strategies for capacity building including working with counterparts, mentoring, relationships and teamwork.

We recognise that staff members bring a wide range of experiences, skills and knowledge, and value your contributions. Activities are participatory and model strategies for effective capacity development.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will:

  • Develop a flexible framework for understanding cultural difference
  • Explore important cultural differences in communication patterns and values
  • Develop strategies for effective cross cultural communication
  • Identify cultural adjustment issues and strategies to manage these
  • Examine concepts in sustainable capacity development
  • Clarify their roles in capacity building
  • Share practical tools and approaches for working effectively with counterparts across cultures.
  • Reflect on their expectations, values, motivations and preferences and the way that these impact on effectiveness.


  • Cross cultural framework
  • Models for working with cultural difference
  • Cross cultural communication
  • Cultural adjustment strategies
  • Key concepts in sustainable development and capacity building
  • Managing capacity building roles
  • Working effectively with counterparts (includes teamwork and mentoring)
  • Case studies – current issues

*Modules and course content can be tailored to meet the needs of the organisation and participants.


A comprehensive workshop handbook is provided including readings and references as well as exercises for both personal and group use.


Further information

To register your expression of interest for a course in your location, or to discuss delivery in-house please contact us for detailed information and pricing.