Leadership & Management

This workshop is especially designed for leaders and managers of cross cultural and global teams / organisations. It develops skills and tools to tap into the strengths of multicultural teams and manage the challenges that may arise. It also focusses on effective teamwork for cross cultural contexts.

Workshop outcomes

  1. Participants will build stronger networks, communication and shared common goals
  2. Identify strategies to establish and maintain a work team
  3. Develop improved communication skills for working in teams
  4. Explore strategies for decision making on workplace issues
  5. Develop some skills and tools for facilitating planning and evaluation in work teams
  6. Plan and prepare a work plan that enables cultural inclusion


Stakeholder / relationship management

Strategic leadership

Program / project management skills and tools

Financial management skills and tools

People management skills and tool


  • Team building strategies
  • Working in culturally diverse work teams
  • Communication skills
  • Effective decision-making in a culturally diverse team
  • Participatory planning
  • Organisational cultures, structures and functions
  • Distance liaison, teamwork and management

Further information

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