Conflict Across Cultures

"Have you encountered a conflict recently?"

"Are you wondering how to better approach conflict working in multicultural and globalised workplaces?"

Then this workshop is for you!  

A one day workshop on managing conflict across cultures.(Presented by Dr. Siew Fang Law).

The workshop offers frameworks, tools and skills extension in the areas of:

  1. Understanding conflict in the context of the international and multicultural workplace,
  2. Exploring cultural values and patterns in conflict,
  3. Discovering the role of relationships and social networks in conflict management, 
  4. Analysing cross-cultural signs and symptoms of conflict,            and
  5. Developing good practice approaches to deal with intercultural conflict.

This program will be participatory and interactive. Practice based learning will be facilitated through cases and examples drawn from a range of sectors and industries and tailored to the needs and context of participants.

Who is it for?

  1. Managers of multicultural teams
  2. Managers working internationally

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About Dr. Siew Fang Law was born in Malaysia, educated in Canada, UK and Australia and is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, Bahasa Indonesia, Malay and English. She has delivered training Department of Justice of Victoria, UNICEF in Malaysia, Save the Children Indonesia, Red Cross Australia, RMIT Vietnam and worked in culturally diverse settings ranging from Banda Aceh to Eastern Canada!  As well as teaching undergraduate subjects such as 'Cross-cultural Communication', 'Working and Managing in Cross-cultural Context', 'Negotiating Transnational Agreements' and 'Intercultural Conflict Resolution', Siew Fang is a practising mediator with the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria specialising in intercultural disputes. Her PhD examined the impacts of culture and language on conflict resolution and mediation. She has also undertaken consultancies with UNESCO, UNDP, Department of Education in Victoria (multicultural education policy) and Mandala Foundation Australia. Her key area of interest is “The Guanxi approach to conflict.”