Mentoring others involves careful consideration of cultural factors including individual, organisational, professional and ethnic cultures.

Mentoring across cultures can be both challenging and rewarding. CCCID works with a range of organisations to design and deliver mentoring programs for staff in

  • challenging situations,
  • new positions,
  • first-time workers and
  • those for whom cultural issues may be a barrier.

This includes people posted to a different country or culture and/ or those working with coworkers or counterparts from a different culture.

CCCID's mentoring services have a flexible, non-judgmental approach that ensures both mentor and mentee make the most of the opportunities for learning and development. It is focussed on skills and tools for:

  • recognising and dealing with practical issues,
  • working from strengths to develop knowledge, skills, values and qualities that support sustainable practices,
  • advocacy and support for wellbeing and work-life balance, and
  • Practical tools, resources and networks to support good practice.

Our mentoring model has successfully been applied to overseas development programs, attachments and secondments, volunteer training, and professional supervision for development workers.


"My (CCCID) mentor had the ability to ask the right questions, help me to stay on track, make sure I was working consistently towards something, rather than being torn in multiple directions. This supported my role and therefore the organisation."

I found most beneficial "... the follow-ups on goals / objectives both work and social."

"It helps to shed light on my challenges and ways to address these."

CCCID also offers mentoring training workshops either as in-house or public programs.

Further information

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