Community Engagement

What is it?

A commitment to and the processes used to actively involve communities in decision-making. Healthy communities are those that participate in the decisions that directly impact on people's lives - their work, housing, health, education, services, recreation, and business.

What CCCID does?

Our team of hands-on practitioners have experience in:

  • community development,
  • remote field work,
  • participatory planning, learning, development and evaluation,
  • service design, delivery and evaluation, and
  • overseas aid and development programs.

This practical, field based experience informs the approaches and solutions we facilitate for communities and stakeholders.

Action learning underpins Cross Cultural Consultants’ training. Our field work feeds our own understanding of learning and development needs and helps us design effective approaches and activities that enable reflection and knowledge sharing.

Where has CCCID done community engagement?

  • Health Education Design in South East Asia
  • Cultural Diversity inclusion programs in Australia
  • Development of volunteer programs in the middle east
  • Labour Market programs in the Pacific
  • Evaluation of programs in Cambodia and Thailand
  • Conflict programs in Timor Leste

How do we do it?

By drawing on our widespread networks and relationships we flexibly applies the following strategies to suit the unique context:

  • Building relationships.
  • Liaising with community members.
  • Stakeholder analysis.
  • Identifying stakeholders goals and aspirations.
  • Assisting communities to understand the roles of the systems.
  • Supporting people to identify ways they can engage with government, non-government and private sector systems and programs in a culturally appropriate manner.
  • Sharing knowledge with clients and partners.
  • Reporting and Evaluation to ensure lessons learnt are identified and integrated into current and future work.

By maintaining these and identifying clear objectives and strategies, we can successfully engage communities. Cross Cultural Consultants’ teams learn through reflection and regularly evaluate the approaches used. We welcome feedback and knowledge sharing with other stakeholders.

Further information

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