Cross Cultural Mediation

In line with our vision of positive intercultural communication, CCCID has incorporated mediation practice into its suite of capacity development tools.

Mediation proposes ways of seeing conflict as an opportunity to harness the parties' energy towards constructive, sustainable outcomes.

This strengths-based approach combined with an understanding of cultural difference, has enabled CCCID's mediation services to assist a number of individuals, communities, organisations and workplaces to manage conflicts productively.

Conflict and misunderstanding can easily occur in environments where change management is an issue or where expectations, goals and values may differ among counterparts. Our approach to conflict is:

  1. Seek to understand the factors driving the conflict including interests, styles, values and communication barriers;
  2. Focus on parties' strengths and common ground;
  3. Undertake restorative approaches which promote harmony and congeniality while valuing strengths and achievements rather than making the issues worse; and
  4. Reduce the focus on win/lose outcomes to identify and develop positive resolutions.

Assisting people to learn and apply a cross cultural framework is crucial to the success of this work. Mediation is often combined with training and facilitation activities to ensure a holistic approach.

Mediation training and coaching is available on request.

Further information

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