Coaching involves building skills - essential in developing cultural competency.

CCCID works with a range of organisations to coach staff working in cross cultural contexts as well as doing coaching that is focussed on helping people navigate cultural differences in their work and lives.

Coaching is especially helpful for people posted to a different country or culture and/ or those working with clients or colleagues from a different culture.

CCCID's approach to coaching is hands on, informal, practical and results oriented. It is focused on skills and tools for:

  • recognising and dealing with practical issues,
  • working from the strengths of the pupil to develop knowledge, skills, values and qualities to support sustainability,
  • applying skills to real tasks
  • advocacy and support

Practical tools and resources as well as referrals and links to other supports are provided as required.

Cross Cultural Consultants also offers training in coaching and mentoring either as in-house or public programs.

Further information

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