Cross Cultural Consultants International Development (CCCID)

... supports people and organisations working across cultures in diverse multicultural Australian and international development settings.

[For indigenous cross cultural training visit our friends at CCC.]

... strengthens our clients’ cross cultural competency through training, mentoring, facilitation, debriefing, teambuilding, design, evaluation and other services.

Our work focusses on:

  • Cross cultural content, context or ideally - both.
  • Enabling participation - using and learning about participatory approaches
  • local and international development contexts.
  • long term relationships and ongoing engagement with people / organisations
  • opportunities for continuous improvement
  • Teamwork - either within CCCID or in partnership with others
  • finding common values with our partners and clients

To learn more about the role of cross cultural competency in development, have a look at our downloadable brochure

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If you require further information please contact us.

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Do your in-country partners or staff need to develop cross cultural competency?

Are you working with expatriate development pracititioners or advisors in your country and looking for some skills and tools for managing these strange visitors?

Check out our 'reverse' cross cultural training - it might meet the need.

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We continue to offer bespoke teambuilding, leadership, strategic planning and cross cultural training programs with a focus on multicultural and disability organisations.

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